The first hunt we offer is for groups of 5 or more hunters.  The cost is $250 per hunter, and allows you to kill two hogs from 50-100 pounds.  Many guys feel this hunt gives them the opportunity to hunt longer!  Unfortunately, this hunt cannot be split. 


If you are looking for pigs that range from 125-160 pounds or you have a smaller group, we can do that too. However, on this hunt you will be targeting one pig.  The cost is $300 per hunter.  Most pigs will generally average 150.


Are you really wanting to hunt the big one?  For $450 per hunter you can hunt a trophy boar with big cutters that will go 200 pounds or more.  We guarantee this hunt!

If you would like to shoot more than that, it is $125 for each additional pig under 100 pounds.  Each hunter is required to send a $100 deposit. Transportation and field dressing of your kill is included in this price.

Licensing Requirements

We hunt on approximately 80 acres of fenced brush and timber.  There we keep all sizes of pigs. All of our hunts are "guaranteed shot opportunity."  There are tree stands already set over prime hunting locations. However, you may also choose to stalk your prey or hunt from the ground. There is a Redneck shooting house that overlooks the pond. We consider all of our hunts semi-guided as we will do whatever we need to help you make your kill.  If you want to hunt from a stand, we will push pigs for you.  If you need us to go out with you, we can do that too!


Once again, please note: Each hunter or hunting party is responsible for all wounded pigs, dead or alive. Please pick your weapon of choice based upon your skill level with that weapon. We check for wounded pigs at the end of every hunt.

Additional Costs

We will be glad to skin and quarter your pigs for $20 per pig.  If we are caping your hog for a mount, it is $40.  Be sure to bring plenty of cooler space, if you do decide to have us do this.   


Many times we get asked about tips.  Tips are not required, but the guys greatly appreciate it!  They work hard to make sure you are successful and enjoy your day.  However, it is solely the hunter's decision if and how much you choose to tip.

Deposit & Payments

Deposits are due within 7 days of booking your hunt and should be sent by a Walmart or postal money order.  We ask that you bring cash the day of your hunt.

The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture does require every hunter to purchase a license to hunt wild hogs at a sporting facility.  It is approximately $26-27, and must be purchased direct from their website.  The Captive Feral Swine Hunting License is good for one calendar year, January 1-December 31, and does not limit the number of hogs that may be killed.  It is also good at any licensed sporting facility in the state of Oklahoma.  Once you obtain this license we ask that you bring a copy with you for us to keep in our files.